Help protect your accounts against increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes.

Criminals around the world have become stunningly adept at payment fraud. It affects both checks and, increasingly, ACH wire transfers.

Your Banc of California Relationship Manager and Treasury Relationship Manager can help you learn about fraud and tell you about programs that can help combat it.

Check Positive Pay

Help prevent check fraud by screening incoming transactions against authorizations and then expediting reconciliation.


ACH Positive Pay and ACH Block

Establish and control ACH payment parameters or automatically block ACH debits.


Learn about business email compromise and how to help guard against it.

ACH transactions are susceptible to fraudsters who use sophisticated techniques to acquire account credentials and use scams or account takeovers to steal funds and transfer them out of the country.

Fraud threats like Business Email Compromise (BEC) are always evolving.

To learn about the latest schemes, visit the FBI and FinCen websites.

BoC BEC Article

Business Email
Compromise (BEC)