Learn More: Business Online Pro

You’ll find many features and benefits awaiting you in Business Online Pro that will help you get your banking done with confidence:

  1. Access to all the key features you use today
  2. Enhanced design and navigation
  3. Security token software, required for ACH and Wire payments, replaces physical tokens
  4. Customizable information reporting and report delivery to fit your tracking needs
  5. Expanded Transfer, ACH and Wire capabilities
  6. Upload payment files in multiple formats with our file mapper
  7. An enhanced mobile and tablet app
  8. SMS alerts
  9. Secure messaging

You will receive notice of your upgrade date via email. For the next 12 days after your upgrade date, you will have access to both your New Business Online Pro service and to Classic Business Online Banking. During this time, choose a date to switch to Business Online Pro and discontinue using Classic Business Online Banking. Your Classic Business Online Banking service will be deactivated late on the second Friday after your upgrade date.

There are important steps you should take to make your upgrade experience ideal. Before your upgrade date, review the Quick Start Guide including each step you need to take to upgrade. We advise you to install your security software early (required if you authorize Wires or originate ACH transactions). You will be able to activate it on your upgrade date with the software key we provide you. Starting on your upgrade date, complete the Quick Start Guide, install and activate your security software (required if you make ACH or Wire payments), install and activate your mobile or tablet app, and learn more about Business Online Pro:

  1. Quick Start Guide – First Time Login Instructions & Essentials Checklist
  2. Choose and Setup your Security Software
  3. See the Business Online Pro User Guide, Wire User Guide, and ACH User Guide
  4. View the Business Online Pro Demo
  5. See our Features Comparison.

If you have any questions, select Contact Us, or call us at 855-351-BANC (2262), from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time on business days.