Delivering specialized financial tools with private-banking service. We offer customized, specialized services for each particular financial situation in the bankruptcy process.

As a full-service business bank, Banc of California provides a full array of specialized banking services for fiduciaries and bankruptcy professionals. Our dedicated team of premier fiduciary and bankruptcy specialists delivers custom banking services to financial, government and legal professionals in diverse and specific roles, including Professional Fiduciaries, Liquidating Trustees, State and Federal Court Receivers and Restructuring Professionals, Including Attorneys and Advisors.

Specialty Depository Services

Your client relationship is managed and supported by professional fiduciary bankers with comprehensive knowledge of the specialized industry and banking services you count on.

Our services for fiduciary professionals, business advisors and other bankruptcy experts include the following:

Disputed Depository Relationships

Litigation Escrow Accounts

Disbursement Accounts

Interpleader Accounts

Mandated Blocked or Controlled Accounts

Banc of California Bankruptcy Banking Product Sheet

Product Sheet

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Dedicated Fiduciary Support

Our dedicated team delivers a private-banking level of products and services required to help you execute your unique role in a bankruptcy process seamlessly:

Master signature cards, for fiduciary relationships, allowing for the expedited opening of new-case accounts

Remote deposits, allowing for fiduciary relationships nationwide

Competitive Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) pricing

Full suite of online Treasury Management Services

Multilayer fraud protection

Our specialized team approach offers you:

Reorganization Deposit Services deliver you specialized banking, treasury and Treasury Management Services tailored to the unique demands of debtors in possession, as well as bankruptcy or restructuring attorneys and receivers.
Trustee Deposit Services allow you to experience a private banking–level relationship with knowledgeable and responsive specialists who deliver what a bankruptcy professional needs. An array of convenient deposit services includes online statements and remote deposit flexibility.
Receivership Deposit Services deliver direct access to the wealth of experience, service and products we offer, and we strive to anticipate what you need:

  • Experienced receivership bankers who have worked with insolvency professionals
  • Master signature cards, for expedited opening of receivership accounts
  • Collateralization/FDIC-coverage offering for interest-bearing accounts
  • Full online access to accounts, including remote deposit

When you choose Banc of California, you work with experienced bankers who have your professional demands and success in mind.