Banc of California understands check fraud and ACH fraud can be a serious threat to your business. That’s why partnering with your business to help prevent fraud is a top priority.

ACH Fraud Control

Business Online Banking provides advanced features and a wide range of self-service banking capabilities:

ACH Positive Pay

  • View, pay or return an ACH debit/credit outside your established parameters that you control
  • Review and update authorized credits/debits for current and future transactions
  • Includes several key features to avoid inadvertently rejecting authorized ACH payments

ACH Block

  • Provides the ability to block ALL ACH debits and/or credits from being posted to your account
  • All blocked transactions will be automatically returned to the originator

Check Fraud Control

Positive Pay

  • Helps identify fraudulent checks by matching check issue information against checks presented for clearing
  • Receive electronic notification alerts when we find any discrepancies between the check issue information and checks presented
  • Control whether you decide to pay or return the item

Payee Positive Pay

  • Provides a second security layer to our standard Positive Pay with Payee name matching
  • Receive electronic notification alerts which require your decision to pay or return the item when we find any discrepancies found with the payee name you provided and the payee name field on presented check

Banc of California is committed to empowering and protecting your business, and we will continue to offer you ways to help prevent fraud before it happens.

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ACH & Fraud Prevention

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