Helping a second-generation entrepreneur grow his future.

Lance has been competitively riding motorcycles since 1995. He got his first motorcycle when he was four years old and has been pushing the limits ever since. Today, Lance is one of the top freestyle motocross riders in the world.

Lance is also busy building for his future beyond a motocross career. He grew up watching his father, Lance Coury Sr., build a successful business that not only provided for his family, but also gave him a great sense of pride and accomplishment. He chose to follow in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and create a business of his own around his love of motorcycles—THRASHIN Supply.

One key piece of advice handed down from father to son was to work with Banc of California. Lance has had a great experience with Relationship Manager Tien Nguyen, who has been a huge help to him as a new business owner with lots of questions. As Lance puts it, “Working with Banc of California is almost like having a CFO in your company.” Tien has been helping him learn the ins and outs of establishing a new business and has become a trusted partner and friend.

“Growth is happening around us all the time. I want to grow with the world and be better at what I do. Banc of California helps me do that.”

– Lance Coury Jr.

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Relationship Manager

Tien Nguyen

Vice President

Community Banking Branch Manager

Banc of California

Tien Nguyen manages the Banc of California Pasadena branch office. As a Branch Manager, he develops strong partnerships with local business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and create jobs in the community. He is committed to anticipating what banking products his diverse clients need, and he strives to deliver exceptional service for all of their personal as well as business banking needs. Tien is proud of the relationship Banc of California has developed with David Oberg, whose law firm provides legal and business services to entrepreneurs. David often refers his own clients to Tien for personal and business banking services. Tien has also created a close working relationship with entrepreneur Lance Coury Sr., one that allows Lance to develop new products and seize business opportunities, knowing Banc of California is there to support his California dream.

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