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David L. Oberg is a business attorney and president of the Law Offices of David Lawrence Oberg in Calabasas, California. After practicing law for a number of years at a large national law firm, he started his own practice providing legal and business services to entrepreneurs like himself. His approach is aimed at delivering cost-efficient and superior service, specializing in two main areas: business transaction matters and insolvency.

David also served as a reserve captain for the Culver City Police Department for more than 30 years and, like Banc of California, he believes in serving the community.

David expects a high level of customized service from his business partnerships, “I understand the unique needs of my clients, and I think that’s very similar to what the bank does for me and for my clients,” he adds. “Banc of California provides personalized service that helps drive my success. I have the tools and support I need to grow my business.”

“The wonderful thing about Banc of California is that they are such a strong partner. They understand and get behind the client as opposed to flipping it the other way and making the client conform to the bank’s needs.”

– David L. Oberg


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