Empowering Foster Youth to Succeed and Thrive with Technology

Did you know California has the largest number of foster youth in the nation? We believe everyone deserves a chance at a bright future, which is why we proudly support Foster Care Counts by helping them place a laptop in the hands of every foster youth who needs one.

Jeanne Pritzker is the founder and chief executive officer of Foster Care Counts, a California nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving the lives of current and former foster children. A successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jeanne started her professional career in the finance world, where her experience included commercial lending, investment banking and entertainment finance. Her noteworthy academic and professional successes notwithstanding, Jeanne’s greatest satisfaction has come from her personal and philanthropic activities. The proud mother of seven children (including one foster child), she is an outspoken advocate and a matchless contributor and fundraiser, for foster care and social justice causes. Jeanne is a woman on a mission: to improve the foster care system and to help current and former foster children, as well as her own children, to lead happy, successful and productive lives.

“So many of them have to wait in line at the library in high schools and colleges to complete their work because they don’t have their own laptops. Banc of California is taking up the challenge to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

– Jeanne Pritzker

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