Empowering the Next Generation of Californians By Providing Life Skills of Financial Literacy

Dreams of Gold is a special program under the umbrella of the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) that, among other things, helps to bring life skills and financial literacy to local elementary and middle schools throughout Los Angeles. The Dreams of Gold program also includes the LAFC Youth Leadership Program (YLP), which was the first community initiative in club history and succeeds through relationships with corporate partners, including Banc of California.

Banc of California’s support for LAFC and Dreams of Gold comes through a combination of donations of up to $750,000 annually and yearly volunteer hours of between 350 and 400, plus year-long support of the program’s community events. We are proud to have our employee volunteers working in tandem with the Los Angeles Football Club, one of our banking clients, and having a positive impact on our community.

Providing Impactful Experiences That Change Lives

By supporting Dreams of Gold, Banc of California is also able to provide support to the LAFC Youth Leadership Program, which empowers and trains Los Angeles at-risk students to organize and coach year-round soccer programs for youth in the community. We also provide support through the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). Dreams of Gold participants develop job and life skills and can begin to develop themselves as coaches, mentors and role models to other kids in their communities.

“I have witnessed firsthand the impact a Youth Leadership Program can have in the community,” says LAFC Youth Leadership Program Managing Director Anthony Cummings. “I have also been impressed by the commitment of our corporate partners, including Banc of California. They embraced and supported our community involvement from the start, and we are proud to have their name on our beautiful stadium.”

As a community partner of LAFC and Dreams of Gold, Banc of California supports their goal to provide a direct and positive relationship with our local young soccer fans, who are not only at the core of our city, but the core of the next generation of leaders in our businesses and communities. It is our partnerships with programs like Dreams of Gold that serve to strengthen our communities and help build a stronger California.




One of the core commitments of Banc of California is making a true difference in our communities. The Dreams of Gold program harnesses the lure, popularity and impact of soccer to attract our local youth, get them involved, point them in a positive direction and begin to develop essential life and leadership skills.

Samantha Haugh, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Banc of California