OASIS Center International is a community development organization that works in partnership with public and private groups to bring the arts into the lives of disadvantaged youth in Orange County. Located in Santa Ana, California, OASIS focuses their resources on under-resourced youth in low- to moderate-income Orange County communities. Established in 2012, OASIS has a mission to positively impact youth through a replicable arts-mentoring program, encouraging children to embrace their inner artist, and to inspire the next generation of creative leaders.

OASIS relies on the power of community resources to get disadvantaged elementary age students interested in the arts by obtaining support from art institutions, financial institutions, corporate sponsors and other nonprofit organizations. Banc of California proudly supports OASIS’s artistic endeavors with financial contributions, employee volunteer hours and board representation. We partner with OASIS to provide financial literacy to two schools in Santa Ana: Martin Elementary and Monroe Elementary. OASIS reminds us all that there are many career paths beyond the core subjects, and we are pleased to be a part of helping disadvantaged youth explore a future in the arts.

OASIS International has impacted more than 10,000 students in Orange County. Each OASIS program can spark the imaginations of young people when “Art Leads” in their lives. Through this platform, OASIS cultivates creative fun in film (media), visual, performing arts and design build. A yearly highlight is the annual OASIS Arts Festival, a community outreach that allows 400 attendees to experience the arts through short films, visual presentations, workshops, demonstrations and artist panels.

Changing Lives in California Communities By Offering Enriching Experiences to All

“The arts have the power to ignite creativity,” says Chris Garcia, Banc of California Community Relations Officer and a member on the OASIS Board of Directors. “It is our responsibility as businesses in our California communities to help organizations like OASIS guide our children to explore their creative sides. It’s amazing to see young people recognize their potential and to imagine being a choreographer, a musician, dancer or even an architect. It’s satisfying to be part of exposing children to a broad range of artistic expression that can be impactful, inspirational and joyful.”

The OASIS Arts Project and their diverse arts initiatives align with Banc of California’s mission to positively impact youth from low- to moderate-income communities through free and wide-ranging educational programs. The OASIS Arts Project engages mentoring from local professionals as instructors, while presenting unique artistic activities, including tap dance, cartooning, creative art journaling and architectural design. Local artists-instructors are committed to working with OASIS students to help them discover their amazing creative potential.


With programs like architectural design, filmmaking and tap dance offered to students free of charge, OASIS inspires children to dream and envision, perhaps for the first time, a world of seemingly unlimited possibilities. Exposing young children to all modes of artistic expression leads to incredibly fulfilling experiences. At OASIS Center International, we believe “Art Leads”…to discovery, joy and a brighter future.

Jin Sung, OASIS Center International Founder